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April 27th, 2013


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I am drawing now...

October 24th, 2012

Recently, I have learned how to draw. So step-by-step I did the drawings you may see accessing the link below :) I like it so much and I would like to develop more this area of creativity

Love of the Universe

April 22nd, 2012

I started to go along to a path of increasing my energy level, spiritual, or whatever you wish to call it. There are several levels.
Between level 1 and 2, I had experiences that showed me later that I was on the way to level 2, higher. Now I am experiencing the next level and I feel immeasurable love for everyone, I love them and wish to confort them all, give them peace and help them find their balance, the ways I am able to do this , for all the people I meet. Is it evidence of a new level?
It is impossible to control, is a feeling of love to tears!
Have you ever felt that way?


(again, sorry for my English)

New photo

April 12th, 2012

New photo


I have a new profile-photo. Also posted two new photos...under/after rain.
The profile photo was taken in Volendam, in Netherlands; it was really fun- they had the outfit to make you look so ..dutch. Some personalities where there too, in the past....remember "Doctor Quinn, medicine women"? Well, it seems she was there! What to see?!


Surprising discoveries

April 7th, 2012

Surprising discoveries

I have a lot of photos and, still, for many of them have not I had time to analyze them before they give life, on, for example. However, I succedeed, from time to time to re-view them in order to remember the places I have seen, or simply in order to be...surprised.It is a great delight to discover that, with no intention, I caught the picture something that did not crossed my mind in that moment, or something in addition to the subject thought by me.
Sometimes when I play with the picture's lights or its contrasts, I get unexpected surprises. An example is the window that appears in picture of this blog. I thought until now that it's a window covered with a wood surface (not showing the actual window). When I have taken the picture I did not realized, but the window have some ... stained glass.
There is only one example for me. In a picture taken at San Pietro in Rome, I discover the lights that I do not always recognize them, compared to what I previously have seeing.
Maybe that's why we all, we are pleased to pass again and again through old pictures.

What wonderful things you've discovered in your pictures? (I am terribly sorry for my english :))

Time to pray

April 3rd, 2012

Time to pray

For many of us there is a time to pray.
I am not an excessive type of person when It comes about believing, but...still, for all of us all the time it is alway a time to search what it means to pray and how we should do in order to get the answer that we need or that we want it.
I'll tell you now the story of what I lived last summer.
I drove from Fontaine du Vaucluse (Provence) to Paris, by myself, during only one day, choosing the micheline route with best landscapes (more than 700 Km). Therefore I come close to Paris in about 11 hours and I got lost in the area Porte de la Vincene (not recomended), though I did not know at that time. I was almost out of gas and my credit card was not recognised by the machine from the fuel installation (after a certain hour, you cannot make payments cash). I was tired. And I prayed with all my hart to God and my late mother to help me to sleep in the bed from the hotel where I had reservation with, picturing how the room would be and how the rest would be gently comming.
After a while of driving in circle( about 1 hour) I stoped to a gas station, where 2 cars where stoped. One left. The other one had 2 people: the driver and his ladyfriend. I asked direction, but I did not understand much, because I was tired and I could not concentrate much to french language. He asked me where I am from, because I have a certain accent. I said Romania and his answer to that was: let's talk in romanian!
In the end, as the answer to my pray, I received:
- I met a romanian fellow from Satu Mare (I saw on the licence plate), the kind one
- he paid for my gas in exchange the cash equivalent which I had, but I could not be able to use it
- he got my to the hotel ( he had GPS, got to the hotel adress, drived there and I was just following his car), where -by the way, we reached in max. 20 min
- i've got the rest I prayed for
- the room was as I pictured it

So, I think, you need to put yur soul in your prayers, to feel the confidence you will get what you asked for, picture what you ask for. Don't forget it to be THANKFUL!

I will remember this happening the rest of my life and I will be thankful; God protected me!

Thank you

April 3rd, 2012


Every day I discovered something here. From quite some time I am thinking about doing this: to say thank you to all my visitors. So I found this area of the site and my profile, where I can do this. So...

My dear visitors, please let me thank you! I appreciate your interest for the images presented here and thanks a million for taking time to visit my profile and see the images posted here.
Special thanks to New York which seems to be a constant visitor. Even more thanks to the buyer who liked it so much "Window to...Provence", so that he/she bought it.

I wish you all to have a fantastic day!
Manuela Constantin.